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Coaching Minor

Minor Advisor: Lou Bronzan


Advising Center. 289 Hickey Gym


Coaching Principles and Methods [College of Letters and Science]

The Coaching Principles and Methods minor is an interdisciplinary minor open to undergraduates in all four colleges. Students must complete a statement of interest to assist in placing them in future internships. This form is available online and in the Physical Education Program Office (264 Hickey Gym) and may be turned in at any time.

Download PHE Minor Request Form - Coaching Principles and Methods [pdf]

Download Minor Recommended Planning Sheet [pdf]


Coaching Principles & Methods Minor (20 units)
Updated: 5/13/15
Total units required for the minor: 20
Total upper level units required for the minor: 18
Required core courses (12 units including 10 upper level units): Quarter offered Grade base Prerequisites
Physical Education 1 0.5 Physical Education Activity (must complete a minimum of two PHE 1 courses in two different activities or sports) FWS P/NP none
Physical Education 1 0.5 Physical Education Activity FWS P/NP none
Physical Education 7 1 Professional Physical Education Activities: Coaching Leadership FWS A-F none
Physical Education 100 2 Field Experience in Teaching Physical Education F P/NP PHE 1 or 7
Physical Education 143 3 Coaching Effectiveness FW P/NP PHE 1 or 6 (preferably 3 units)
Physical Education 141 3 Coaching Principles & Methods S A-F PHE 143
Physical Education 192 2 Physical Education Internship (PHE 143 prerequisite will be strictly enforced) FWS P/NP PHE 143, junior standing (more than 90 total units completed), & setting approved in advance by
**PHE 6 (participation on an intercollegiate athletics sport team) will not satisfy the PHE 1 requirement for the minor.
**PHE 92 (lower level internship taken before 90 units completed in college) will not count toward the minor.
**PHE 192 has a prerequisite of junior/senior standing. PHE 192 cannot be taken until after a student has completed more than 90 total units. PHE 192 internship must be in a coaching or teaching setting. Setting must be approved IN ADVANCE by the coaching minor advisor before a CRN will be issued.


REQUIRED MINOR ELECTIVES: 8+ units required with courses from at least 2 different departments
One course must be from race/class/gender list. Second course can be from race/class/gender list or from sociocultural issues and settings list. Courses must be taken from two different departments.
A number of these courses have prerequisites so students should carefully read the course description in the UCD Catalog. Some classes are limited to declared majors during Pass 1 but open to all students during Pass 2.
Race/Class/Gender--4-8 units required from at least 2 different departments [32 possible courses]
Subject No. Units Title
African-American Studies 123 4 Black Female Experience in Contemporary Society
African-American Studies 130 4 Education in the African-American Community
African-American Studies 133 4 The Black Family in America
American Studies 154 4 The Lives of Men in America
American Studies 156 4 Race, Culture and Society in the United States
Anthropology 128B 4 Self, Identity, and the Family
Anthropology 139AN 4 Race, Class, Gender Systems
Asian American Studies 112 4 Asian American Women
Asian American Studies 115/120 4 Multiracial Asian Pacific American Issues
Asian American Studies 116 4 Asian American Youth
Asian American Studies 150 4 Filipino American Experience
Asian American Studies 150B 4 Japanese American Experience
Asian American Studies 150C 4 Chinese American Experience
Asian American Studies 150D 4 Korean American Experience
Asian American Studies 150E 4 Southeast Asian American Experience
Chicano Studies 110 4 Sociology of the Chicana/o Experience
Chicano Studies 120 4 Chicano Psychology
Chicano Studies 122 4 Psychology Perspectives Chicano and Latino Family
Chicano Studies 123 4 Psychological Perspectives on Chicano & Latino Children & Adolescents
Native American Studies 115 4 Native Americans in the Contemporary World
Native American Studies 134 4 Race and Sex: Race Mixture and Mixed Peoples
Native American Studies 180 4 Native American Women
Sociology 128 4 Interracial Interpersonal Dynamics
Sociology 129 4 Sociology of Black Experience in America
Sociology 130 4 Race Relations
Sociology 132 4 The Sociology of Gender
Sociology 134 4 Sociology of Racial Ethnic Families
Sociology 172 4 Ideology of Class, Race and Gender
Sociology 174 4 Sociology of the Jewish Experience
Women's Studies 130 4 Feminism and the Politics of Family Change
Women's Studies 158 4 Contemporary Masculinities
Women's Studies 170 4 Queer Studies
Sociocultural Issues and Settings--0-4 units required [28 possible courses]
Subject No. Units Title
American Studies 115 4 Living in Bodies: Body Politics in the United States
American Studies 130 4 American Popular Culture
American Studies 152 4 The Lives of Children in America
Anthropology 141B 4 Ethnography of California and the Great Basin
Education 115 2 Educating Children with Disabilities
Education 122 4 Children, Learning and Material Culture
Education 153 2 Cultural Diversity and Education
Exercise Biology 102 4 Introduction to Motor Learning and the Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Exercise Biology 121 3 Sport Psychology
Exercise Biology 122 3 Psychological Effects of Physical Activity
Human Development 100B 4 Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Human Development 110 4 Contemporary American Family
Native American Studies 156 4 Native American Ethics and Value Systems
Physical Education 120 3 Sport in American Society
Psychology 126 4 Health Psychology
Psychology 140 4 Developmental Psychology [counts as only 2 units if taken after HDE 100B]
Psychology 151 4 Social Psychology
Psychology 157 4 Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Stigma
Psychology 158 4 Sexual Orientation and Prejudice
Psychology 161 4 Psychology of the Self
Psychology 162 4 Personality Theory
Psychology 168 4 Abnormal Psychology
Sociology 122 4 Sociology of Adolescence
Sociology 123 4 American Society
Sociology 124 4 Sociology of Education
Sociology 131 4 The Family
Sociology 153 4 The Sociology of Childhood
Women’s Studies 140 4 Gender and Law