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1. How many PHE credits can I take?
A student can take 6 units of PE 1 that count toward graduation.

2. What do I wear for activity classes?

To learn what to wear to class, please refer to the course outline on this web page under the courses heading. You could also email the instructor or go to the first class and the instructor will give you the dressing expectations.

3. Is it always pass/no pass?

PHE 1 classes are Pass/ No Pass only.

4. If I am on the waitlist should I go to class?

Yes, you should go to class if you are on the wait list. The maximum enrollment in some classes can be extended by consent of the instructor. In other classes the maximum enrollment is set due to the facility and safety concerns for the students. It never hurts to talk to the instructor about your enrollment in the class.

5. Can graduate students take PHE units?

Yes, graduate students may enroll in PHE 1 classes. The units will not count toward an advanced degree.

6. How can you become a TA for a PHE class?

To become a tutorial assistant (TA) a student needs to speak to the instructor. The student can receive 1 unit as a TA. A TA may not be enrolled in that PHE 1 class.

7. Is grade based on performance or on improvement?

The grade in a PHE 1 class is based on attendance and participation. A student may miss no more than 3 classes in order to receive a passing grade.

8. What is the difference between intermediate and beginning classes?

Beginning classes are designed for basic skill instruction and introduction to the rules and strategies of the activity. Intermediate classes are intended for those students who have already experienced the course content included in a beginning class.

9. How many classes am I allowed to miss before I am dropped from the class?

The instructor is not responsible for dropping a student who fails to attend class. That is the responsibility of the student. A grade of No Pass will be awarded to a student who fails to attend class.