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Course Content
The student will be provided with information pertaining to: 
1. The names and proper lifting techniques of weight training exercises using free weights and machines in the ARC weight-room. 
2. The areas of the body those exercises strengthen. 
3. How much weight, the number of sets and reps to perform in order to maximize size, gain strength or tone muscles. 
4. Weight training principles regarding weight gain, weight loss, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. 
5. Safety precautions, proper warm up and correct spotting techniques.


Class Organization
There are no intermediate weight training classes at UC Davis. Therefore, the class will contain a diverse group of students from very beginning to advanced levels. Instruction and demonstration will take place at the beginning of the class period for those students interested in the topic of the day.


Class Procedure
1. You are expected to attend class and work diligently the entire 50 minutes. 
2. Weight belts, lockers and towels can be checked out at the equipment room. 
3. The weight room is open for recreational lifting during our class time, so we will need to work around the recreational lifters. Feel free to use the cardio-equipment located throughout the ARC.


Activities classes count for 1/2 a unit. You are allowed 3 absences. A No-pass grade is earned with 4 or more absences. In addition, technical and tactical skill development is assessed and supported throughout the quarter.




There are risks and dangers inherent in participating and/or in receiving instruction in a PE-1 activity course.  Injury resulting from participation is always a possibility in physical activity.  Please carefully follow the guidelines provided in this class.  Please notify your instructor immediately if you become injured or ill. If not expressed, the assumption is that the student is in good health and is capable of participating in all facets of physical activity related to this class.