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Lifetime Fitness


The class is an introduction to general fitness principles and techniques that the student can take with them through life. The students will work on improving overall fitness through activities that will help them build strength, endurance and flexibility.

Course Objectives
The student will develop an understanding of general fitness through cardiovascular and resistance training. 
The student will learn techniques to improve their level of fitness by toning and strengthening major muscle groups. 
The student will learn how working out can help to reduce stress and develop a positive outlook while burning calories.

Class Procedure
By department policy, anyone arriving after 15 minutes past the hour will be considered absent. 
You are expected to attend class and work diligently the entire 50 minutes. 
Please wear comfortable athletic shoes running or court shoes and work out clothes that enable you to move freely


Activities classes count for 1/2 a unit. You are allowed 3 absences. A No-pass grade is earned with 4 or more absences. In addition, technical and tactical skill development is assessed and supported throughout the quarter.


There is risk and danger involved in participating and/or receiving instruction in a PHE 1 activity course. Injury resulting from participation is always a possibility in physical activity. Please carefully follow the guidelines provided by your instructor and adhere to any rules established by the instructor. Please notify the your instructor immediately if you become injured or ill, or feel that you should not participate on a given day.

Notification of Pre-existing Health Condition 
Unless otherwise expressly indicated by the student, the assumption is that the student is in good health and is capable of participating in all facets of the physical activity related to this class.