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Among the most popular of PHE podium style classes are the following (Some have both a lecture and practical component):


PHE 6 - Preparation and Participation in ICA Competition. (1)

These advanced PHE classes are open to UC Davis intercollegiate student-athletes only and provide advanced comprehensive instruction, training, and practice for the highly skilled collegiate athlete.


PHE 7 – Professional Activities in Physical Education. (1)

These classes provide fundamental skills for coaching competitive athletics and for teaching and coaching in physical education and sports activities.


PHE 8 – Student-Athlete Life Skills. (1)

These classes are open to UC Davis intercollegiate student-athletes only and provide an introduction to academic, psychological, and socio-cultural skills for balancing collegiate academic and athletic demands.

PHE 25 – Theory of Lifesaving and Water Safety. (2)

This class provides the qualified student with the knowledge, organizational procedures, and skills necessary to provide for water safety and safe lives in an aquatic emergency. American Red Cross Advanced Lifesaving Certificate awarded upon successful completion of necessary requirements.

PHE 27 – Training Course for Water Safety Instructors. (2)

Theory and practical experience necessary for the organization and teaching of lifesaving classes. American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certificate awarded upon completion of necessary requirements.

PHE 40 – Drugs and Society. (2)

A scientific and empirical consideration of the personal and social effects of psychoactive and performance enhancing drug and alcohol use and abuse.

PHE 44 – Principles of Healthful Living. (2)

Application of scientific and empirical knowledge to develop the understanding of and the ability to cope with personal, family, and community health problems and stressors.

PHE 100 – Field Experience in Teaching Physical Education. (2)

Discussion of and field experience in activities related to coaching and/or teaching physical education and sports.

PHE 120 – Sport in American Society. (3)

Sociological approaches to the study of sport in contemporary American culture, including the interface of sport with politics, economics, religion, gender, race, media, and ethics.

PHE 141 – Coaching Principles and Methods. (3)

Technical, tactical, and strategic aspects of coaching. Methods for organizing and delivering information on coaching. Biomechanical basis of motor skills and motor learning applied to coaching. Classroom development of coaching skills and outside observation of coaching required.

PHE 143—  Coaching Effectiveness. (3)

Introduction to various aspects of coaching such as coaching philosophy, leadership, coaching responsibilities, sport psychology, motivation, and positive coaching methods.  There is an outside field experience requirement.


PHE 300 – The Elementary Physical Education Program. (2)

Open to teaching credential students and students with senior standing only. Introduction to principles, theory, materials, and practices in the elementary school physical education program.