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Soccer, Indoor (Advanced)


Participants must possess a moderate to advanced knowledge of the rules of the game AND must possess prior playing experience that enables them to keep up with the intermediate/advanced level of the class for the safety of themselves and all class members.

To improve upon the technical and tactical speed of play 
To develop a more advanced tactical understanding of the game 
To implement advanced technical and tactical skills in game-like situations

This class is a PASS / NO PASS credit class. Attendance and participation are required in order to receive a passing grade.   Each student is allowed to miss THREE class meetings. In addition, technical and tactical skill development is assessed and supported throughout the quarter.

Any comfortable clothing conducive to the weather is appropriate, however, special attention should be given to footwear. Athletic-type of footwear is required – students will not be allowed to participate in bare feet or in sandal – type footwear. Wearing turf shoes or molded cleats is recommended, although not required to participate. Shin guards are also recommended. Shirts are required at all times. You are also advised to bring water to each class. 

There are risks and dangers inherent in participating and/or receiving instruction in a PHE 1 Activity course. Injury resulting from participation is always a possibility in physical activity. Please carefully follow the guidelines provided by your instructor and adhere to any rules established by the instructor. Please notify your instructor immediately if you become injured or ill.