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The aerobic running program will be designed to increase fitness over the course of a ten-week training cycle through the integration of several pivotal components:

• proper pre-run, dynamic warm up routine 
• progressive and varied aerobic runs 
• track workouts 
• periodic testing to chart progress and direct training 
• attention to cool down, stretching and recovery techniques

The most important element for building aerobic fitness is consistency. As such, it is strongly recommended, although obviously not required, that each student engage in at least 2-3 days of training outside of class on his/her own. Optional workouts will be provided for all students interested in this additional training.

Running shoes are highly recommended for this class, as the proper footwear has much to do with the health (injury prevention) of your feet. It will also be necessary to have a watch or phone with a stopwatch function to track the time elapsed on runs away from the track.


Attendance will be taken at each class, and after three missed classes (for any reason), the next absence will result in a failing grade for the course.In addition, technical and tactical skill development is assessed and supported throughout the quarter.



**There are risks and dangers inherent in participating and/or in receiving instruction in a PE-1 activity course.  Injury resulting from participation is always a possibility in physical activity.  Please carefully follow the guidelines provided by your instructor.  Please notify your instructor immediately if you become injured or ill, or otherwise expressly indicated by the student, the assumption is that the student is in good health and is capable of participating in all facets of physical activity related to this class.