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To improve one’s general fitness level by high intensity physically demanding activities.  Class will be comprised of instruction; active warm-up, progressive aerobic and resistant training, interval training and a short cool down.


  • Running or court shoes are mandatory, comfortable workouts clothes that can get dirty must be worn
  • Attend class regularly and be on time.
  • Participate in class for the entire 50 minutes.
  • Listen to your body.  If you have an injury you are responsible for protecting yourself from further injury.



This course is 1/2 credit course in which you receive the grade of PASS/NO PASS.  You are allowed to miss three class sessions.  If you miss anymore than three classes you will receive a NO PASS

In addition, technical and tactical skill development is assessed and supported throughout the quarter.



There are risks and dangers inherent in participating and/or receiving instruction in a PE 1-activity course.  Injury resulting from participation is always a possibility in physical activity. Please carefully follow the guideline provided by your instructor and adhere to any rules established by the instructor.  Please notify your instructor immediately if you become injured or ill, or feel that you shouldn't participate in a given activity. Unless otherwise expressly indicated by the student, the assumption is that the student is in good health and is capable of participating in all facets of the physical activity related to this class.